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Abrasion and Corrosion Protection of Surfaces by Elastomers

Manufacture of rubber components and combined rubber-metal components for abrasion and corrosion protection of machinery, devices and equipment in mines, flotations and separations, and in chemical and construction material industries, namely:

  • Rubber linings for flotation mills
  • Rotating and stationary rubber components of flotating subaeration machinery and attrition machinery
  • Rotating and stationary rubber components of horizontal and vertical pumps for transportation of hydro mixtures,
  • Rubberized replaceable components of hydrocyclones for classification and concentration of hydro mixtures
  • Rubberizing of valves for hydro mixture transport systems
  • Rubberized reinforced pipes with steel flanges for hydro mixture transportation

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Elastic Protection of Ports and Floating Units

  • Harbour and ship rubber bumpers for absorption of kinetic energy in the ship harbouring stage
  • Ring, cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and trapezoid rubber bumpers,
  • Rubber fenders of ring, cylindrical, prismatic (open and closed type) shape, and hand cylindrical fenders for floating crafts,
  • Rubberizing of bearings for shafts of marine propellers,
  • Special rubber bumpers at customers’ request

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Elastic Foundation of Machines, Devices and Equipment

For damping of vibrations, noise and indirect impacts on machinery, devices and equipment of the shelters for:

  • Machines and devices
  • Diesel generating sets
  • Electrical power units
  • Compressor sets and pumps
  • Beds and seats in shelters
  • Lamps of various types
  • Electrical installation and water-plumbing devices and accessories

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Manufacture of rubber technical goods and other components made of rubber and in rubber-metal combination for special purposes, and other products at customers’ request:

  • Sealing materials
  • Shock absorbers
  • Rubber springs for car industry
  • Silumine blocks and sandwich shock-absorbers
  • Elastic joints – compensators
  • Diaphragms
  • Rubber tubes for wood-processing and chemical industries
  • Miscellaneous

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